We Enforce Safety Rules That Protect Us All From Wrongful Death, Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation Injury.

We established Fitzsimmons and Vervaecke Law Firm, in Mason City, Iowa out of a common work ethic and dedication to represent David against Goliath. We help ordinary hard working people hold accountable the insurance companies, corporate wrongdoers, and individuals that choose to break safety rules. They needlessly put us all at risk of mayhem including death or serious injury of a family member or even denying the right to necessary medical treatment to injured workers.

Jim Fitzsimmons & Mindi Vervaecke are lawyers committed to enforcing the safety rules that deter or prevent bad conduct, protecting us all and making our community safer.

We are regularly invited to teach on personal injury and workers' compensation topics at legal seminars offering Continuing Education credit to lawyers and their legal assistants. Please visit the Presentations Taught by Attorneys page of our website to review a listing of topics we researched and taught at legal seminars.

Jim Fitzsimmons and Mindi Vervaecke learned their work ethic growing up on Iowa family farms. Jim and Mindi are active with their growing families, churches and communities.

When insurance companies, employers or other wrongdoers choose to break safety rules resulting in system failures, they needlessly put our community in danger, causing mayhem. We work to hold the rule breakers accountable for people who suffer personal injuries (wrongful death, motor vehicle, car or automobile wrecks, trucking wrecks, premises liability, construction accidents, motorcycle crashes, head injuries, brain injuries, burn injuries, dog bites and bad faith actions against insurance companies) or work injuries (workers' compensation claims including death, brain, nerve, hearing, tinnitus, head, neck, back, shoulder, arm, hand, leg, and foot injuries).