We Enforce Safety Rules That Prevent Wrongful Death, Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Injury To Protect The Community.

Enforcing Safety Rules
to Protect US ALL

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Jim Fitzsimmons chose the legal team at Fitzsimmons Law Firm in Mason City, Iowa out of a common work ethic and dedication to represent David against Goliath. Fitzsimmons Law Firm helps ordinary hard working people hold accountable the insurance companies, corporate wrongdoers, and individuals that choose to break safety rules. Those that needlessly put us all at risk of mayhem including death or serious injury of a family member or even denying the right to necessary medical treatment to injured workers.

Jim Fitzsimmons is a trial lawyer committed to enforcing the safety rules that deter or prevent bad conduct, protecting us all, making our community a safer place.

Jim Fitzsimmons is regularly invited to teach on Trial, Black Letter Law, Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation topics at legal seminars offering Continuing Education credit to lawyers. Please visit the Presentations Taught by Attorney page of our website to review a listing of topics researched and taught at legal seminars. Jim Fitzsimmons wrote the Iowa chapter for a legal treatise and practical guide on the law on Foreseeability across the United States of America. Negligence Policy, Elements, and Evidence: The Role of Foreseeability in the Law of Each State, Vicki Lawrence MacDougall, Oklahoma City University Law School, Editor Balloon Press (2018). Jim is a faculty member of Keenan Trial Institute, based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Jim Fitzsimmons earned his work ethic growing up on an Iowa family farm with great parents and several brothers and sisters. Jim is active with his wife and sons, his church and community.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Jim Fitzsimmons did an outstanding job for me. I cannot thank him enough for going out of his way to do whatever he could to help me out in this difficult situation. He genuinely cares about every case he is involved in and makes it easy for his clients to be up-to-date on what is happening every step of the way. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thanks, Jim!”

﹣ Drake H.

“Our experience with this law firm was amazing! From the very beginning, we felt like our story was heard and that we had someone in our corner working on our behalf. We appreciated the compassion that was shown by Jim Fitzsimmons. He did a great job!”

﹣ Emily B.

“I would recommend this law firm over and over again. Jim Fitzsimmons is fair, honest, and always treated me as a friend, not just a client. He genuinely cares about his clients and their families. The entire staff is amazing. God bless them all.”

﹣ Kimberly T.

“While representing my family at a very difficult time in our lives, Jim Fitzsimmons consistently displayed compassion, support, integrity, and professionalism throughout our attorney/client relationship. I highly recommend Jim Fitzsimmons.”

﹣ Marcie B.

"Definitely a five star experience! Very professional and compassionate to the individuality of our case. They not only treated us like a client. They cared for us like we were a friend. I’ve already given recommendations to a few people."

-Michelle W.

"I was at a point I didn’t what to do or who to believe, I was told to contact Jim. Jim, Bridget, Saje and Brooke have been amazing! Things were handled, communication was great and comfort was there at all levels. They were always prepared and on top of things!!! I would highly recommend Jim and his staff and not think twice!!!"

– Beckie B.



I see the purpose of Fitzsimmons Law Firm as to fully prepare each case for trial to get the best result for you through trial or settlement. If you are one of my clients, you have heard me say in the past: “The best way to get a great settlement is to be fully prepared and battle-ready for trial.”

To obtain fair settlements, we must continue to take cases to trial. I also believe in constant training and education to stay sharp in the courtroom. To that end, in addition to taking cases to trial, I’ve graduated in 2019 from the Keenan Trial Institute based out of Atlanta… The motto of the Institute is Amat Victoria Curam, or in English: Victory Loves Preparation. As you might guess, the motto fits well with what we are working toward at the law firm. Additionally, I am pleased that a Dean of the Keenan Trial Institute asked me to teach trial courses going forward. 

To more efficiently serve our purpose, you will recognize changes here at the law firm. As you can see, our legal team includes practical paralegal, Bridget Bahnsen, and our law clerk Saje Williams. Also, we are joined by our Associate Attorney, and former prosecutor, Brooke Loftus, who brings necessary skill, intelligence, and tenacity to the team. I chose each of them for their individual skills and talents that I believe will best serve the purpose of our law firm. I am excited about this change and challenge that I believe will help us better serve our purpose and, as a result, better serve you.

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When insurance companies, employers, or other wrongdoers choose to put others at risk, they needlessly put our community in danger. At Fitzsimmons Law Firm, we enforce safety rules that prevent wrongful death, personal injury, and workers’ compensation injury.

Whether you’ve recently been injured on the job or at the hands of another person or organization, we’ll bring the best case to trial and fight for the outcome you deserve.

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